Future First is about our continued commitment to reducing environmental impact, improving opportunities for people and communities, and building trust in the workplace.

Put simply, this is our constant promise to doing the right thing for a sustainable future.



At Hirdaramani, we understand the need for a strategy that includes coherent goals and the right accountability to achieve real results. Our approach to building a more sustainable business has always been driven by clear targets and guidelines.

In 2021, we launched our most ambitious Sustainability Roadmap with a range of bold goals and targets set for the year 2025. A Group wide commitment, this strategy will be implemented across all facilities in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Ethiopia as we move forward in a consolidated effort to improve the positive impact we have on the world. With transparent reporting and a commitment to global standards and guidelines, we are holding ourselves accountable to achieving this ambitious vision.



The Environment

We are making a steadfast commitment to reducing the impact we have on the planet. From the way we manufacture to the product we create – using science-based targets, our focus is on putting the earth’s future first.


Our Associates

Every day we make a promise to our people – to inspire, to uplift, and to protect. By committing to ensuring happy, healthy, fulfilling lives we are putting your future first.



True humanity lies in our willingness to help each other. Health, education, and equality are key drivers in our commitment as we put the future of our people and communities first.


Good Choices

The right choice is not always the easy, sure, or safe choice. We have always trusted in the power of good governance, and we remain committed to making choices that put the future of our people and planet first.


We have set overarching goals and identified core focus areas within each Sustainability Pillar. These goals are separated into individual monthly, quarterly and annual targets with reporting and measurement protocols that will aid in monitoring and adapting as needed to ensure each facility meets their targets.

2022 Sustainability Report >>


Wonders of Wellbeing is a holistic and engaging program operating across all dimensions of wellbeing for our entire workforce.

The program is based around 5 key pillars of employee well-being: Psychological, Relational, Physiological, Economic and Environmental.

The overarching goal is to create Healthy, Wealthy, Happy and Meaningful Lives for all our associates

Guided by the UN SDG’s

The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide the most comprehensive view of the elements that should guide the choices we make as a business but also as individuals.

As such, these form a cornerstone of our sustainability strategy as we endeavor to operate in a manner that always puts the future first.


The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) is a global multi-stakeholder organization working to reduce environmental impact and promote social justice throughout the global value chain. The Higg Index is a suite of tools developed by the SAC for the standardized measurement of value chain sustainability.

As an initial manufacturer member of the SAC, Hirdaramani has implemented the Higg Index FEM across most of our facilities and is committed to ensuring all facilities are following the index by 2025.